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party favours and decor
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Party supplies for life's little and big events. Helium balloons, party favours party straws and decor for themes on trend and old favourites.Homemade rosemary potato chips are delicious on their own, but when you dip them in blue cheese fondue, it takes them to the next level. Warning: These may start a serious addiction.

The Mexican version of fondue combines beer, chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese. Tortilla chips are a natural dipping vehicle for this spicy concoction, but it would taste good on absolutely anything — even a shoe.My eldest son, Aiden, loves Scooby Doo. He can sit and watch it all day long if we let him. I don’t mind buying him all the movies because I think it’s one of the last “good” cartoons left. No violence, no foul language and it has innocent humor. When we asked him what he wanted his 4th birthday party to be of he said “Thomas the Train” but (thankfully) a week later he changed his mind. He wanted a Scooby Doo “spooky” party. My wheels started turning. I didn’t want to have the traditional 60’s bright theme and I had to incorporate the spooky somewhere in there. I began researching all the episodes and “bad guys” I could use party favor bags in the party. I came across the “Haunted Carnival” episode and thought it would be perfect. We would have a carnival, a Scooby Doo theme and spooky ghosts everywhere. It was perfect!!!
This gussied-up fondue pairs the finer things in life: melted Brie and champagne. A cubed baguette is great for dipping, but you could also try assorted meats, vegetables or even fruit with this one.
We have a huge range of foil and latex balloons which can make a party theme shine. We can style your whole party for you through our stylist and include party hire for candy buffet and table/chairs. Australia wide delivery.Sweet  Tissue paper pom poms  dreams are made of cheese, and one of our favorite ways to indulge is ooey-gooey fondue. Any excuse to dip anything and everything into a vat of melted cheese is Gouda in our book, and even though it seems like a fancy French thing to do, it’s so easy you won’t Brielieve it. (Last one, we promise!)

Whether you’re throwing a fall bash or  Monster Mash, or just looking to crash after work with cheese and wine, there’s a perfect fondue for you. Check out four of our favorite fondue recipes below — ranging from Italian-accented Fontina to chorizo-spiked queso — and get more cheesy recipes here.
This is a great place to get everything you need for a party, I found lots of fantastic things to set up my son's 4th party, they have other great things too like beautiful cookie jars and a really cute headband which I couldn't resist getting for my daughter. Helpful friendly service and reasonably priced. Definitely worth a trip.
Beautiful shop with everything you need to effortlessly pull together a great looking party. I've created butterfly and under-the-sea themes for recent parties for my children. Heaps of decorations, balloons and paper drinking straws party goods to choose from. Brush the dust off those cowgirl boots and gather ’round for this rootin’ tootin’ Jessie the Cowgirl Themed Birthday {Toy Story Party} by Ashley Whitlow Photography and family! I am a big Toy Story fan, and I LOVE that this party focuses on our favorite lil’ cowgirl! I am obsessed with all the precious details –  the amigurumi Jessie doll, the adorable “Yard Sale” photo booth, the cute cow-print milk bottles, and those AMAZING handmade sock-puppet horses! It’s all just too darn cute!
PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:
– S’mores Pops Displayed In A Mini Hay Barrel
– Potted Flowers, Painted Horses and Horseshoe Centerpieces
– Water The Horse and Lasso The Horse Games
– Party Favor “Loot”, Bandana Bunting Garlands & Jessie’s Lasso Candy
For the past three Christmas Ornaments   years, my daughter’s birthday has been a Disney theme. This year we decided to use Jessie the cowgirl from Disney’s ToyStory! We repeatedly watched ToyStory, and made the decision to use yellow and red as the main colors because Jessie’s owner’s bedroom used those colors. Once we knew the colors, everything else fell into place. Our vision for the tables were draped with yellow tablecloths, adorned with red gingham squares, burlap, flowerpots decorated with ribbon and jute, spray painted horses, and horseshoes. We wanted it to be simple but we wanted our guests to feel cozy and at home. We purchased the ribbon, burlap, and flowerpots from our local craft store, Michaels. The fabric was purchased from a local fabric store, and the horses and horseshoes were purchased from yard sales and thrift stores!

We adorned the fences in the backyard with a hand cut, hand made banner made from yellow and red bandanas. My sister cut the triangles, and I stapled the triangles to jute rope. My mom used to own a horse as a little girl, so it was very near and dear to her heart that every kid take home a stick pony! She hand made and hand sewn the ponies using socks, felt, thread, yarn and jute rope. The Christmas straws  supplies were purchased from Michaels and the wooden dowel rods were purchased from Home Depot. Along with wanting every child to take home a pony, she also wanted every child to have their own Jessie/Woody hat. She purchased the hats from the Dollar store, and added ribbon and yarn to create a replica of the real character’s hats! To make the hats even more special, she had them autographed by the Disney World characters themselves!
This was the final mission of the party. I had all the children gather and told them it was almost time for cake, but that the Darth Vader candle had been stolen. Their mission was to help me find the candle by answering a series of questions that led through a “scavenger hunt” game. I had a group of the parents holding up signs of various Star paper straws with clues leading them to the next character. The very last clue led them to the location of the stolen candle…and a surprise—Darth Vader himself! Darth then gave each child a DIY Jedi robe and a Jedi Knight certificate and had a lightsaber fighter with the birthday boy.  When he told me I’d made his birthday wish come true to have a lightsaber fight with Darth, I knew it was worth all the effort!

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