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Halloween DIY
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I was inspired by a fabulous party posted on Kara’s, where this fabulous mom used Dollar Tree pizza pans to add her garage signs rather than buying the real thing that usually costs about $15-$30 each! I created quite a few for the fireplace, photo booth backdrop, coat closet, etc.! These were pretty fun to make — I glued them with Mod Podge to the pizza pan, then added another layer of Mod Podge on top to give it that shiny coat! Tip: If you use a damp napkin, you can make these look a bit more torn up and not so perfect so it gives paper straws that vintage look! I also bought a large cardboard letter “A” and hot glued several dollar tree wrenches to add a little bit of decor in our living room, after all, the party was mainly hosted in the garage!

I had so much fun creating this party for my husband to celebrate Christmas straws with a few of our closest friends!
Most people think of eggnog or peppermint as their Christmas flavors of choice, but when I think winter... I think citrus!Not only is it  my all time favorite city, but there are many elements to draw  inspiration from to make a celebration extra special. When it was time  for our little guy to turn the big ONE I knew there would never be a better opportunity for a NYC bash.

Early on I decided we need some buildings. All it took were some large cardboard boxes in various sizes, primer, paint, paint roller and  sponge brush. The building details were simple to do with black paint  and a sponge brush. We used hot glue to keep the buildings together  and stuck heavy objects in the bottom boxes to avoid any falling  buildings. Our guests were welcomed by the “Empire State Building” which had square images of Bingham in place of “windows”. The entire  project was a fairly simple DIY that provided a huge impact to the  overall party. I was thrilled with the way it turned out.

As for food we wanted to go the street fare route with large soft  pretzels and hot dogs. Everyone loved the play on words we did with  “Skettzel’s Pretzels” (his sister’s nickname is “Sketts”) and “Bingy’s  Weenies”. The pretzels I made in advance and froze so that all they  needed were to be reheated right before  party straws time. The hot dogs we  cooked together in a crockpot and then placed in buns and wrapped for  the guests to easily grab.
I love the sweet and tangy flavors citrus brings to a drink, and since I am a California girl (by way of New Jersey), I wanted to create a California cosmopolitan cocktail recipe that highlights the relaxed, casual, West Coast lifestyle and would brighten up any holiday party.
My Party Passion is sharing all her winter wonderland party ideas from a recent playdate party she threw. I always love her budget friendly ideas!
Happy Holidays to teachers, neighbors, family and friends! We don't know about you, but with so many special people on our list, we wanted a gift that was simple, budget friendly, but still chic and unique!
So, these DIY Christmas Ornaments Santa Mason Jars were the perfect fit! All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and a few minutes of time, and you'll soon have a festive gift that will be sure to make the recipients' holiday season merry and bright!

Happy winter from snowy New York! I am so happy we had some of the white stuff for Thanksgiving and a little into December also. Hoping more to come for Christmas! Begin by cutting a piece of the black ribbon so that it fits around your mason jar paper drinking straws. This will serve as Santa's belt. Once your ribbon is cut, dip your paint brush into the Modge Podge and paint the outline of a rectangle in the center of your ribbon.

Bingham’s party screams “I Heart NY”! Brandy Rammel of Pretty Plain Janes captured the lively city for her son’s New York City First Birthday Bash with playfully inspired graphic invitations and one of the cutest photo booths around – complete with a DIY Empire State Building prop/picture display. There are so many creative, bustling, bold city “sites” and street fare eats that I’m suddenly craving an NYC style slice (of pizza!) right about now!Add a battery operated tealight candle for an eerie glow or fill with yummy Halloween candy! These make great party decorations or party favors.
DIY Santa Mason jars as much as we did and hope your Tissue paper pom poms  holidays are filled with peace, love and joy!
To learn more about Missy and Kristen, please visit them at Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Gently sprinkle the gold glitter onto the Modge Podge. Shake excess glitter from the ribbon. Santa's belt now has a glittering, gold buckle! Wrap the ribbon about a third of the way up from the bottom of your party favor bags  mason jar and adhere with a drop of hot glue.

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