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Halloween party
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To Sam, my picky little eater, there's nothing less enjoyable. Sigh. What he does love? Crafts! So…why not combine the two and look for fun summer watermelon paper drinking straws crafts that kids will love?! I've gathered together some of my favorites for inspiration including an adorable watermelon garland, watermelon bowl, watermelon-themed windsock, watermelon play dough, ice paint and slime as well as a super cool erupting watermelon. I've also added projects to the list that I might tackle as well, including a watermelon painted mason jar, DIY watermelon serving tray, cute scented candles and a stamped watermelon-themed doormat.


I like to say that orange paper lanterns from my sister’s wedding are the gift that keeps on giving. Since her wedding I have managed to incorporate them into each of my Halloween Tissue paper pom poms  parties. This particular year they were combined with spider webs, stars and black pinwheels to create a big impact on my back patio. I have a large pool and backyard so it is important to not forget to bring the decorations outside. I like to hang plastic jack-o lanterns from the magnolia tree in my yard as well.

The food for my annual Halloween party is made almost entirely by me. Not because I love to cook, but because my son has a peanut allergy. If I make everything I know it is safe for him to eat. Maybe not healthy, but safe. When cooking for a Halloween  party favor bags party fun is the name of the game. Nutrition and taste are second to looks. Anything involving candy eyeballs or shaped to look like a witches finger is going to win the hearts of the school age set.

My house has been decorated and in the ready position for this year’s party since mid-August. Given, I work in the craft and design industry so I have to decorate early for my job – at least that is what I tell myself. However, I have a feeling that even if I was a lawyer or a banker I’d still excitedly take my Halloween things out of the attic long before the kid’s go back to school in the fall.
While Sam and I don't agree on whether watermelon is one of the great symbols of summer, we both agree that we love everything on this list!Creative desserts  Christmas Ornaments  and *haunting* decorations pop out of every corner, including mirrors with peering ghosts and an eerily monochromatic mantel. Throw in the Dracula cookie sandwiches, spider pretzels and skeleton cookies and I wish this was my trick-or-treat destination!
P.S. Can you spot all the pumpkin candy buckets used as vases and hidden in book shelves? What a playful, affordable & easy way to dress up the house for the holiday!
Some people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, I’d say it is second to Halloween. All year long in the back of my mind I am planning my annual Halloween party. This fall will be my 7th year hosting. Every year I try to decorate a little different, try a few new recipes and of course mix up the entertainment for the kids (last year we had a train ride, this year there is a reptile petting zoo).
One of the reasons I love decorating for Halloween is that it is more of a challenge. Whether you are talking about brand new store   party straws decorations of vintage goodies picked up a flea market, Halloween decorations are harder to find than most holidays. In recent years Halloween has enjoyed more aisles at the craft store, but vintage Halloween goodies are still rare and elusive. Collecting vintage Christmas is like shooting fish in a barrel, vintage Halloween keeps me on my collecting toes. Every year for the party I find different ways to display my growing collection of old costumes, noise makers, paper-mache pumpkins and more. These unique items give the vignettes at my party a one of a kind feel. You can’t walk into a store and find most of the things I have. I make a point to try and mix old and new as well as think outside the orange and black box.
Korie Norton of Bliss Events brought out all the “spooky stuff” for a Haunted Halloween Costume & Anniversary Party that *RIPped* up the night! The adults-only bash featured eerie black table settings, green steaming cocktails, fabulous party guest costumes and more drop-dead amazing ideas, that you’ll find when “trick or treating” through the photos from Laura Christin Photography.
As I mentioned in the Hipster Halloween Christmas straws Friend Coke Bottles tutorial featured earlier today, what started out as that one project accidentally morphed into 2 while I was working on it… but I couldn’t resist sharing both, so here we got with Part 2!
Hot glue is surprisingly easy to peel off of glass – especially when it’s cold! – so the recipient can remove the character face when they’re ready to drink the bottle.
For my creative collaboration with Coca-Cola this month, I planned to turn empty glass Coke bottles into fun Halloween decorations, as shown here. During the process of working on that post though, I realized that the printable character faces looked really cute on filled (and unpainted/untreated) Coke bottles as well, and that they would make for a cute “drinkable” homemade gift idea this way…
I fell in love with the idea of surprising a friend or co-worker with an icy cold “Halloween Coke Bottle Friend” that magically appeared on their desk/table – or greeting guests at a Halloween party with a whole crowd of these little “friends”. ;)
Since I get asked about creative hostess gift ideas quite often, I also designed some matching Halloween paper straws gift labels to put on the front of Coca-Cola six-pack carriers. (See first image, above… wouldn’t that be fun to take to a party?!) There’s a different label to coordinate with each character face. So, for example, the Vampire goes the label that reads “You look as THIRSTY as me. Drink up!“

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